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Landmark Installations is an aggressive and talented engineering company focused on heavy construction projects by providing a design/build service capable of fulfilling projects of nearly any size.

Heavy Civil

Landmark Installations are industry experts in all types of roadway construction which  include intersection reconstruction, continuous flow intersection, multi-faceted roadway beautification, culvert relining, grading / drainage construction. We are also very well-versed with concrete roadway rehabilitation. From curb and gutter to serious highway projects – Landmark Installations is your expert resource.


Landmark Installation’s electrical team has the experience and knowledge to handle all nearly any electrical project. Our electricians and installation crews are experts at street lighting, traffic signals, ATMS and commercial light retrofit projects. Our firm offers a comprehensive selection of electrical services, including land development and initial utilities installation for projects breaking new ground.

Dry Utility

Landmark Installation’s underground teams are experts and industry veterans involving underground utility installation.  Our teams can efficiently install everything from power to telecom cabling using a variety of methods such as horizontal directional drilling, trenching, & boring. Our engineers lead the industry as Utah’s most trusted utilities installer. Our teams can trench, pull, or jam pipe sizes up to 24″. HDD allows us to finish jobs with minimal disruptions to the environment and we work efficiently with municipalities and project owners to ensure minimal disruption to existing services.

Wet Utility

Landmark Installation’s wet utilities teams have the experience and know how to take care of all subsurface wet utility installation, repair or removal. This includes water line, sewer, and storm drain wet utilities projects throughout Utah and the Pacific West Coast. We are experts in the use of all types of pipe, including, HDPE, PVC, ductile, concrete, corrugated galvanized, clay and steel. As experts in HDD and aligning critical infrastructure, we ensure the job is done right the first time.


Excavation is used in construction to create building foundations, reservoirs and roads. Some of the different processes used in excavation include trenching, digging, dredging and site development. Landmark Installations is capable of performing nearly all types of excavation work such as site preparation, material removal, grading, and other services. Our excavation teams quickly and safely deliver excavation services for a range of applications such as new road construction, site preparation, fill removal, grading, & roadway expansion or rehabilitation.

Aerial Utilities

From aerial electrical cable installation to telecom/datacom tower projects – Landmark Installations has the ability to complete a variety of tower and pole projects.  Our linemen teams have the skills, experience, and credentials our clients demand in order to successfully and safely complete a host of aerial projects.  We work closely with city, state, and federal regulations in order to complete aerial projects. Safety and quality are always the highest priority on any job.  Working with Landmark Installations on aerial cabling or tower projects means you’re getting the best talent possible.